What is this?

Feedster is a system for storing and managing RSS feeds and collections of RSS feeds. It has a built in user management system in order to allow each user to have its own collection of feeds.

The content of Feedsters database is built by the users, as every RSS feed added to the database will become public. You add the URL of the RSS feed and set the category, and the rest is taken care of by itself.
If you create a multifeed, you can choose to make it private since you will be set as the owner of the multifeed.

The purpose of this project is to provide a completely open API for developers wanting to practice working with RESTful APIs in regards to all aspects of CRUD on a (hopefully) ever growing database, and to provide a searchable, sortable common collection of RSS feeds for anyone wanting to build a news aggregator application.


Feedster API uses Token authentication. Get your token from the registration endpoint, or the login endpoint if you already have a user account, and add the following line to your HTTP header:
Authorization: Token <your access token>

Authentication for the live API

Enable token authentication
Disable token authentication

Requests and bugs

For feature requests and bug reports, please refer to the issue tracker . For other questions, contact me at fjeld.christian@gmail.com .






Development and maintenance by Christian Fjeld .